2nd Semester

2nd Semester means several things for my students.

Seniors: Time to do absolutely nothing without legitimately putting applications in dangers by getting a D or F.  Pretend you are going to study for AP exams by scheduling group study sessions without actually doing anything, then trying to resell those AP prep books on Facebook with the caption “brand new!”
Juniors: Marking off the days until Junior year is finally over and prancing in false celebration not knowing that first semester of Senior year is even more stressful than Junior year once you factor in College Apps.  
Sophomores: Unsuspecting, innocent bystanders who don’t realize the freight train that is about to pummel them: aka Junior Year.  However, very happy and proud that although this year is much much harder than last year, I am handling it like a mature adult.  
Freshman: :) 
For most of you guys 2nd semester means redemption.  It is a challenge that requires a great deal of determination.  A definition of the word “Determination” states “deciding it is worth it to finish what you have started.”  Some of you have started the process of redemption from 1st semester, now have the determination to finish what you have started.

Summer 2012

Every summer here at Edvanced Learning, our goal is to motivate students to achieve their very best.  Our summer SAT program is designed to maximize each student’s score through effective lectures, motivational, experienced instructors, and well-organized and executed lesson plans.

What makes us different from the other summer SAT programs

  • Our instructors are the VERY BEST.  Between myself, Roi, Sara, and Chris, we boast a combined 25+ years of experience teaching the SAT.  Each instructor can achieve a perfect score on their respective section at any time.
  • We LOVE our students and parents.  We consider every student and parent here at Edvanced a close friend.  We make sure that you are happy and that we exceed your expectations.
  • Individual attention. Our teacher to student ratio is 1 to 8.  Our instructors know each student on a personal level and correct both technical and behavioral shortcomings immediately.
  • Proven Results.  Over the course of 3 years and over 100 students, we have an average increase of 332 points, and a majority of our students score above the 2000 barrier and well into the 2300s.  Many of our students go onto the very best schools (Yale, Stanford, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, LMU, Occidental, etc ).  These students chose to trust us with their talents, and that means a great deal to us.  Thank you.

Class Offerings, Schedules, and Tuition Rates

SAT Morning Class
Schedule: M/Tu/W/Th (8am-12pm)

SAT Afternoon Class
Schedule: M/Tu/W/Th (1230-430pm)

Description: (M) Full-length proctored diagnostic exam, with an instructor inside each room to monitor students during the exam. (Tu) A thorough review of Monday’s exam including writing, reading, math, and the essay. (W) Lecture on key principles for each subject, homework assigned for each topic discussed. (Th) Review of homework from Wednesdays lecture and classwork to solidify students’ understanding of key topics.  Each day (M/Tu/W/Th) there will be a 15 minute vocabulary exam and 15 minute review test.

Cost: $1750 (early registration by May 15th), $2000 (after May 15th)

College Counseling
Schedule: F/Sa, (by appointment only)
Description: Experienced counselors will help select list of colleges based on interest and strength of applicant, brainstorm essay topics, outline each essay/short answer question, monitor each student’s deadline, assist in filling out the UC/Cal State/Common Application, fix grammatical errors, fine tune essays/short answer questions, and answer any and all questions regarding the college application process.

Cost: $500 for all UC applications, $500 for up to 3 private school applications ($150 per additional private school applications), $250 for FAFSA and CSS Profile.

We are also excited to announce our second location @ 7002 Moody Street, Suite 216  La Palma, CA 90623 (McDonald’s Plaza)

We also offer preview courses for the upcoming academic school year including Geometry, Algebra2/Trig, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and AP Chemistry.  Class times are yet to be set at this time so please call or email us for up to date information.  All math courses are taught by Tommy Shin/James Pak and AP Chemistry is taught by Alex Horowitz who will be leaving us for medical school at the end of the summer.  Classes are held Monday-Friday